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About Us 2

Yana is many things, but maybe most importantly—she's a dog lover.

The many things: Yana graduated with a BA majoring in Psychology at the University of Calgary, also receiving a Broadcast Arts diploma. She jumped into the world of media, sales and marketing, and started her career with steadfast determination and a passion to share her ideas with the world.

After launching luxury homebuyer magazine Retreat in 2005, and high-end local Bride & Groom Magazine in 2007, Yana went on to work for New Ad for a decade until 2019 when she decided to pursue her true calling: DOGS.

Yana started Pupper Select in 2019 along with her husband, Daryl, when their families dog suffered from allergies & countless ear & eye infections. They tried everything from numerous vet consultations to expensive medications. Medication would bring some relief, only as long as they kept using them. But that wasn’t the worst part – the greatest adverse affect was the huge toll it took on their Puppers mental health.  After researching the underlying cause of canine issues, everything pointed to the fillers and chemicals that are in traditional kibble.

Pupper Select is about helping to educate doggy parents about the difference raw food vs kibble can make for their pup's health, life, and behaviour. Through compassion and communication, sharing evidence & experience, and by providing the most convenient access to your dog's new diet, Yana & Daryl are  here to help your dog live its very best life.

"We want to ensure every dog is healthy, happy, with the best quality food available." – Read Family