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Based in the heart of Alberta Canada, Pupper Select is on a mission to enhance the health and longevity of dogs through optimal nutrition found in a raw dog food diet. We make it easy and convenient for you to feed your dog an appropriate raw diet made from human-grade ingredients. Just like you, we would do anything for our furry companions. 

Our complete and balanced premium formulas are specially designed for optimal bioavailability of nutrition, easy digestion, and delicious taste. Our raw dog food comes with over 30 years of experience from Real Raw Reasonable and is great for improving the health of dogs with sensitive stomachs, sensitive skin, dogs that are overweight, those with allergies, those with health problems, experience inflammation or digestive problems, are prone to ear infections or who are generally aging. 

Our quality standards for nutrition, ingredients and production are second to none. Real Raw Reasonable food is 100% human-grade and produced and sourced in Canada. Real Raw Reasonable and Pupper Select have combined to support dogs through our unique GUT Protocol to help with restoring your dog’s microbiome. 

What we do:

We formulate: At Pupper Select we believe in a natural holistic raw dog food diet made with human-grade ingredients for our beloved pets. Absent of fillers or preservatives, we are focussed on nutrition over everything. We believe optimal nutrition can enhance your dog’s health and longevity while helping with chronic health problems often experienced with popular, cheap processed, low grade, high-carb diets.

We Source and produce: Our frozen raw food from Real Raw Reasonable is 100% human-grade, sourced responsibly in Canada. Our natural ingredients are precisely measured, ground, mixed and packed. Our production standards are second to none and we make raw feeding your dog as easy and convenient as possible. Discover our products HERE.