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Yana and Daryl are dog lovers. That who, just like you, would do anything for their furry companions. So much so they took their pet’s diet into their own hands. When their pup suffered from countless allergies, ear and eye infections her kibble diet just wasn’t cutting it. Although rich in love and affection, she was poor in health. They knew they had to make the switch to something better. 

Over the last few years, Pupper Select has grown their line of raw dog foods and included raw dog treats that are packed full of nutrients and formulated to fuel all sizes and breeds. We pride ourselves on providing high quality raw food options for your furry best friend.

Since we started, we’ve remained true to our commitment to providing dogs with raw recipes that are deliciously good and vital to their health and well being. It's always been important for us at Pupper Select since the beginning, that is 100% local. Rest assured our recipes have been around for over 30 years and it all is locally produced and sourced straight from Alberta. 

Not too sure where to start? We can help you navigate with our raw feeding guide found here: