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Raw is for every dog, even the little guy in the back

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Raw is for every dog, even the little guy in the back

Have you ever looked at your dogs kibble and thought “I couldn’t eat that, even if I was trapped in my garage during a zombie apocalypse and I was starving to death.” Ya, us too! It was during our first zombie encounter that made us launch Pupper Select… we’re kidding obviously, but that would be a pretty cool story considering the times we’re living in now.

If you’re actually curious how Pupper Select all started, it was in fact in a garage; our garage but the door was open and we had a charcuterie board and some wine. Yana, the Founder of this crazy little thing we like to call Pupper Select saw a need for change in her first dogs diet. Kona suffered from allergies and ear infections for years and Yana tried to find the “right” medications and sprays to help but to no avail.  She finally said “enough is enough” and figured Kona needed something more long-term, thus trying a raw dog food diet.

I guess you could say that the best ideas stem from the biggest problems in your life. After feeding Kona the raw dog food and seeing improvements almost immediately, Yana decided this shouldn’t be kept a secret anymore. Yana’s passion has always been for dogs and she wanted to spread the knowledge of how a raw dog food diet could benefit all types of pups, but also make it attainable and affordable.

The best part about making the switch to a raw dog food diet is the simplicity in the ingredients. In Pupper Select raw dog food, you will never find anything you cannot pronounce or have to go searching the internet to look up. Raw dog food consists of all animal parts, including bone, organs and blood. We take pride in the fact that no part of the animal is wasted and we are doing our part to keep a small environmental footprint. In Pupper Select’s deluxe line of food, vegetables such as carrots and pumpkin are added to increase fibre, vitamin and mineral intake.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “this is great and all, but can my little 10-pound dog eat this way?” The answer is YES! No matter the size of the dog, portions can be calculated so they are always getting enough food. Pupper Select’s food is appropriate for all dogs, the big ones, the medium ones and even the little guys in the back.

And to think, a young girl from Afghanistan who was terrified of dogs would end up starting her own business to help dogs live longer, happier lives!

To say a special thank you to all our customers, new and loyal, we are holding a giveaway until October 29th, 2020 for a FULL years worth of Pupper Select raw dog food up to 40lbs per month. If you would like to enter, please head to our Instagram and Facbeook page to learn more.


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